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Winn Golf Grips Review

If you’re in the market for a new golf grip, you’ve probably heard of Winn Golf Grips. This company makes a variety of different grips that are both lightweight and durable. Their innovative design reduces hand fatigue and increases speed by absorbing 65% of shock compared to rubber grips. Plus, Winn Golf Grips are significantly lighter than rubber grips, reducing overall club weight, lowering the balance point, and increasing club speed. If you’re an avid putter player, try their WinnPro X putter grips, which feature a less tapered profile than traditional designs and eliminate wrist movement.

If you’re worried about hand pain and want a soft, luxurious grip, the Winn Excel Wrap Grips are for you. These grips feature an oversized wrist movement that promotes pain-free swinging. They’re extremely durable, but don’t fare well in wet conditions, so you’ll want to be sure to wear gloves or another type of grip when playing in humid conditions. The comfort of these grips is an integral part of a confident swing.

The DuraTech hybrid grip by Winn Incorporated is the ultimate in comfort and performance. Using two complementary performance materials, durable rubber is used on the upper hand and comfortable polymer in the lower hand, resulting in a grip that stays tacky even in the wetest conditions. This material also reduces hand weight by half. It also has a better feel and enhances grip traction. The Winn Dri-Tac X grip also features WinnDry Polymer material to ensure non-slip performance in all weather conditions.

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