Three Mistakes You Cannot Make When You Work with a Work Injury Attorney in Virginia

If you have been in a workplace accident, one of the mistakes you could make is not reporting your accident promptly. In Virginia, you have thirty days to report the accident to your employer. Pursuing workers’ comp benefits involves a lot of complicated forms you may not be familiar with. You may fill them out incorrectly and miss the deadline for filing. While the claim looks simple, you must know the benefits you are entitled to and ensure you check all the boxes. Also, you need to be as specific as possible when filling out the form. Thankfully, an experienced work injury attorney Virginia could help you file a claim promptly. Your lawyer can walk you through this process, so you can avoid making mistakes that could hurt your claim. These mistakes include the following:

Thinking that Your Employer Prioritizes Your Best Interest

As an injured worker, you must not assume your employer will pay you everything you are entitled to or that they will guide you through the claims process. Also, keep in mind that your employer won’t file the claim for you. It is your responsibility to file the claim. Typically, your attorney will handle your claim and help you file it.     tinyzonetv

Failing to Describe Your Injuries Correctly

When you report your injuries, you must be as specific about them as possible. You should explain in detail how the accident took place. Under state law, your injury must be a mechanical one that occurred at a certain time instead of a repetitive injury. Virginia workers’ comp does not cover repetitive injuries. 

When you underreport your injuries, you rob yourself of benefits under the workers’ comp program. Keep in mind that downplaying your injury or symptoms can make it hard for you to get all the medical benefits you need even in the future when your injury gets worse. When you work on your claim with a skilled attorney, you can make appropriate injury reports that reflect your true condition. 

Accepting a Lowball Settlement Offer

Before you accept any settlement offer from an insurance company, you must consult your attorney first. You may not know the true value of your claim without evaluating your case thoroughly. Your attorney will calculate worddocx the compensation you are entitled to based on your current and future needs, the severity of your injuries, and other factors. By accepting the insurance company’s initial offer, you may end up with compensation that does not cover all of your losses.anonig 

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