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The Different Types of Assault Charges in Canada

There are many types of assault charges in Canada. These offenses range in severity and are categorized into several types. To understand these charges, it’s important to understand how the law defines each one. Assault is defined as a violation of the rights of another person, involving the threat or use of force without their consent. In some cases, assault is also committed without physical violence. There are several different types of assault charges, and each one carries with it a varying level of severity and punishment.

The most basic assault charge in Canada is simple assault. This offense can involve pushing, slapping, punching, and making face-to-face verbal threats. Generally, a simple assault charge in Canada is treated as a summary conviction, meaning there’s no jury and no jail time. However, if an individual engages in more serious acts, a simple assault charge will be converted to an indictable offense, meaning that the victim can expect a more significant jail sentence.

The most serious assault charge is called aggravated assault. This charge is the most serious of all the assault charges in Canada. It can result in two to five years in prison, and can also result in serious physical injuries. In some instances, a person can be sentenced to up to 14 years in jail for aggravated assault. However, in most cases, the court will give the accused the chance to contest their assault charges.

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