Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Drinking Whisky

Like all other beautiful things in life, whisky should be savoured in moderation for the whole experience. However, you may be stunned to learn that whisky is more than just a drink that is delightful to consume till you share it with your pals after work. In 2022, the Whisky industry in New Zealand generated a revenue of USD 279.80 million. The market is going to expand at an annual rate of 11.28%. It has quite a few significant advantages to one’s health. You don’t need to regret your choice when you give in and enjoy that sweet and savoury glass. That’s right: not only does whisky in NZ have a wonderful flavour, but it also has positive health effects.

Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Several studies have shown that drinking one glass of whisky may significantly reduce the chance of developing heart disease or heart failure. According to research conducted at Harvard University, drinking alcohol in moderation might increase the quantity of “good cholesterol” in circulation. It provides a healthy defence against conditions related to the heart.

According to the findings presented in a study report, those who take one to two glasses of whisky daily have a fifty percent lower probability of experiencing a stroke or even dementia. As individuals become older, their bodies become more delicate, and as a result, they have an increased risk of developing conditions such as clots, strokes, and heart diseases. On the other hand, whisky consumption is inversely correlated with an individual’s risk of getting a variety of ailments.

Can Be Of Help For Fight Against Cancer

Research has indicated that whisky may be beneficial in the battle against cancer, albeit it should not be used as the primary therapy for the disease. Whisky has ellagic acid, which not only tastes good but also helps your body absorb renegade cells that may be present. This acid is usually found in wine and fruit but far more significant concentrations in whisky.

Helps With Weight Loss

Not only does whisky have an excellent taste, but it also has almost little salt and none of the fat that you would find in other beverages. The sugar in the beverage is also simple sugar, which can be broken down into energy by the body in a short time. It may be of assistance in the process of weight reduction. People who consume beer sometimes experience a loss of muscle tone and an increase in the size of their “beer gut.” But, if you switch to whisky instead of beer, you may consume fewer calories while still having a good time.

Control Of Diabetes Risk

Whisky is beneficial to consume if you are at high risk for developing diabetes. The sugary drink has been shown to cut the risk of developing diabetes by as much as 40 per cent. Studies have shown that drinking whisky in moderation may increase your body’s capacity to manage glucose and insulin levels in your blood. It is because the beverage contains a lot of simple carbohydrates, which are straightforward to metabolize. If you can keep the blood sugar levels in your body under control, you will dramatically reduce the likelihood of acquiring diabetes.


Whisky has no fats, so it may be used in various diets focused on reducing fat intake. In addition to this, whisky in NZ has a total of 0.04 grams of carbs, all of which are present in the form of sugar. Sugar is a kind of carbohydrate readily converted into energy as soon as it enters the digestive system.

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