How Would You Select and Style a Woman’s Suit?

Suits are classy and surely take women’s fashion a notch higher. Whether it is a comfy trouser suit or a pantsuit, a woman exudes every bit of elegance and oomph in this outfit. And while suits were considered only for formal wear, their versatility has made them fit for casual occasions. But you must find the perfect style of women’s suits that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable. Also, don’t forget the importance of proper styling for your suit.

If you’re clueless about where to get started with your suit look, check the following section to get some hints.

Suit Style

Whatever suit style you choose, it has to fit you perfectly. And you can select anything from an oversized suit that looks fashion-forward to a suit tailored for your body. So, check below to choose the right suit according to your body type:

  • Hourglass

In an hourglass-shaped body, hips and bust are of equal measure. Therefore, you must choose a suit that accentuates the figure. As such, it’s best to wear blazer jackets, high-waisted trousers, and colour-coordinated belts. You may also go for wrap-style jackets that highlight your curves.

  • Straight Body

Straight bodies have hips, waist and bust aligned. So, suits with long-line blazers can be just perfect for this body type. You can also wear both low and high-rise trousers.

  • Apple Shaped

Apple-shaped bodies have broader shoulders with a less obvious waist and smaller hips. So, choose long-line coats or blazer jackets cutting at the hips to make you look flattering.

Also, try statement lapels to create a V-shape at the front and shift the attention away from the shoulders.

  • Pear Shape

Pear shapes have a smaller bust, narrow shoulders and broader hips. If you fall into this body type, find suits with short and boxy blazer jackets and team them with wide-leg or high-waisted trousers.


You don’t necessarily have to go with a couple of colour options when women’s suits are concerned. Meanwhile, learn more to experiment with different colour options:

  • Black

Black is an obvious choice for a suit and fits into any work environment or casual occasion. But remember to choose your shirt or top and accessories carefully when wearing a black suit to create a high-end and chic look.

  • Pastels

Pastels are totally in right now. You have a wide range of shades in pastels to choose from, from soft grey to pink to lavender. Besides, pastel suits can be worn throughout the year. However, ensure that the fabric is thick and of the highest quality and doesn’t lose its lustre after a few uses.

  • Jewel Tones

Darker colours like burgundy and deep blue can work brilliantly for your power dressing. It can be an excellent option to change the monotony of black and look just as stylish.


You need the right accessories to round off your suit look. So. take a look below to know what to pick:

  • Bag

You need a structured bag like a classic tote to an envelope clutch to balance your suit look. Also, it is best to stick to straight, minimal and clear lines with little compartment and zip detailing.

  • Shoes

Pointed-toe heels work best with suits. And if you don’t want to wear heels, you can pair your suit with trendy brogues or sneakers.

Once you’ve learnt all about suits, you can visit the nearest department store and explore several options. You can even mix and match with blazers and trousers of different brands. And if you have the budget, you can try designer options and enjoy the perfect fit, latest designs and high-quality fabric.

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