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How to Prevent Theft at Home

If you want to protect your property from theft, consider keeping valuable items out of sight. For instance, don’t leave empty cartons out on your curb. Thieves know that such items are easily available. Instead, break down the cartons and store them inside until trash pickup. If you do have to leave something out, make sure it’s in a locked trunk or in the trunk of your car. Don’t leave trash cans or recycling bins out either. This is a prime location for thieves, and it might attract bargain hunters as well.

To deter burglars, trim shrubbery around your front and back doors. Thieves can use these as a cover. Trim shrubbery and trees so they don’t create a hiding space. Also, keep your yard free of heavy objects. The more objects you remove, the less likely burglars will be to try and break in. This is especially true if you have valuable items or collectibles in your home.

The master bedroom is a prime target for thieves. However, the family room is also a prime target for thieves. Keeping electronics out of sight is also a smart idea, as they have a higher trade-in value. Consider installing blinds and shades to keep intruders from noticing expensive items. And remember that thieves aren’t always willing to steal expensive items if they can easily see them through a window.

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