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Finding the best removalists in Melbourne

Relocating is no doubt a challenging endeavour. While moving to a new place fills you with lots of excitement, it is accompanied by the woe of packing, loading, unloading and then arranging all your belongings at the new home. Moreover, if you plan to take all this on your head, the relocation becomes more stressful and can make you overture. So, in that case, hiring the right removalists in Melbourne can help!

Melbourne is a multicultural city and an industrial hub offering a plethora of opportunities for which hundreds of thousands of people move to the city every year. This is also why movers and packers are in great demand in Melbourne. In Melbourne, 43% of the population has shifted to someplace in the last five years, out of which 46% chose to hire professional removalists to make their relocation hassle-free.

So if you are relocating, take the humongous task associated with relocating off your head and opt for removal services. Professional removalists provide comprehensive services helping with everything from packing and loading to unloading and assembling your heavy goods. Partnering with removal service providers can simplify the process, but you must consider a few things when choosing the company. To know what they are, continue reading!

Check out the services offered

While many movers and packers only offer you delivery services, which means they would collect your items and deliver them to the destination, various companies provide end-to-end services, including packing and unpacking. So you should find someone who offers comprehensive services because dismantling heavy goods, packing them and again unpacking them and assembling them after reaching a new place is undoubtedly an uphill task.

Professional removalists will come to your place fully equipped with the tools and equipment required to pack your goods and will load them optimally, saving your time and money. Many companies these days also provide storage services in case any unforeseen circumstances or natural calamities occur during the transportation. So better you find a company that offers all such services instead of just picking up your goods and delivering them.

Price quote

You will find an overwhelming number of removal service providers operating in the city. The most effective way to narrow your search is by eliminating the ones that do not fit in your pocket. When provided with estimated quotes by a company, ensure you analyse them mindfully. keeping an eye out for the right board for loads to match your needs and budget.

You need to look for various quotes, such as toll fees, fuel charges, number of stairs or floors, intricate items, public holidays, and weekends. Unfortunately, many companies play tactics in the name of these things and charge an extra amount for them. So always make sure you shortlist at least 3-4 companies and get their quotes so that you can compare and choose a company that best suits your needs and your pocket. Also, refrain from selecting a company that denies providing a quote breakdown.

Credibility of the company

When it comes to choosing removalists in Melbourne, one thing that you cannot afford to forget is checking their credibility. Only the companies which maintain high safety standards, have professionally skilled and qualified staff, use the right methods and tools during the process and most importantly, adhere to the state’s regulations are proffered accreditation. An authorised movers and packers company would have a licence issued from the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). This is because these accreditations are provided to the companies after a thorough inspection. Accreditation from authority will give you peace of mind that your goods are secure and in safer hands.


Now that you know what to remember when choosing a removal service provider, you are all set for the hunting process. To find the best movers and make your relocation convenient and stress-free.

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