A Guide To Renting Private Jets

Flying is one of the fastest and safest modes of transportation in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s not without its faults, though. Have you ever reached the airport four hours or more before your flight and found that the airline canceled it or that it ran out of seats? When you rent a private jet, you can pick when you want to leave and your departure location. Flying private also helps you avoid the crowds and hassles of commercial flights. Make sure that you know the most important things to know about private jets before you rent one.

Choice of Planes

You can choose from different types of planes based on how much you can afford and the number of people in your group. Small jets are the most affordable and include the Falcon 10. Medium jets such as Citation III are a little larger. You can also choose a super mid-jet or a heavy jet. Keep in mind that heavy jets are both the most expensive and the biggest. While they do cost more, they also give you more space to wander around and stretch your legs toonily.

Total Cost

Owning a private jet is expensive, which is why even celebrities rent or lend theirs out. Taylor Swift has a habit of letting her famous friends borrow her jet. Not only do owners need to pay for the crew that runs the plane, but they’re also responsible for its upkeep and fuel. When you start looking at prices, keep in mind that you need to look at both the hourly and estimated costs. While the hourly rate tells you how much you pay per hour, the estimated cost covers the total amount you owe. It’s rare that your cost will be higher than the estimate.

Lots of Benefits

With around 45,000 flights taking off daily from airports in the United States, it’s easy to see that this is a popular form of travel. Whether you usually fly commercial or you never flew before, you may not realize all of the benefits of private charters. These flights are much faster than commercial flights and can get you to your destination quicker. You don’t need to deal with booking your luggage or losing it on your flight because you can take it right onto the plane. Charter flights usually let you bring food or drinks from home, too.

Renting is Easy

Renting a private charter is so easy that you might wonder why you never did it before. You just need to pick a destination and find a charter that flies there. Most charters ask for your name, email address, and phone number, along with the total number of people flying with you and the type of plane you want to book. You also need to pick your departure date and time. As long as a flight is available that meets your needs, you can then book it. Most charters require that you pay for the total cost before the flight takes off.

Go Anywhere

Have you ever tried to book a flight and found there were no available flights? Not only do you need to worry about planes not flying to that destination, but you need to worry about the flights selling out before you book your ticket. One of the nice things about a jet is that you can pick where you want to go and visit any city in the country. With a private jet charter Boston booking, you can take in a Red Sox game and wander the Freedom Trail. It’s just as easy to book a charter to Orlando and visit your favorite amusement parks or head to the Midwest. Private charters are perfect for those who travel for work or fun.

Rent a Private Jet Today

Renting a private jet is a great way to get to any city in less time. You can avoid the crowds and long lines at the airport and relax on your flight. Why worry about babies crying and people complaining on a commercial flight? While booking a private charter is easy, you should make sure you know about the costs you will pay as well as the benefits you can enjoy.

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