A comprehensive guide to buying vodka

A few staples are needed behind the bar when running a nightclub or calling your friend for partying. One of these happens to be vodka. The word vodka means “little water.” Originally it was used for medical purposes; it wasn’t until around the 14th century that people began to realise the intoxicating effects it had. Now vodka is a critical ingredient in an infinite number of drinks. If you and your friends love trying new drink ideas, this spirit would be where to start. You can buy vodka online or from offline stores; whatever you choose, you must acquaint yourself with a few things before heading out. So to help you make an intelligent choice, here is a comprehensive guide to buying vodka; continue reading!

Vodka: A clear spirit

Vodka, the distillation process, extracts the clear spirit from anything; however, it is mainly obtained from potatoes or grain. Nowadays, you can get vodka made up of beets, grapes, corn, and rice on the shelves of liquour shops. It does not require specific ingredients for production; one can make it with any agricultural product with sugar or starch. With agricultural products, water and yeast are other vital components for vodka production.

Before, vodka was popular mainly in Poland and Russia, but now it is produced and drunk worldwide. Russian and Poland’s people prepare to drink vodka straight, slowly, or quickly as a shot. Natural flavour with no colours makes it a versatile base for cocktails. Most of the Vodkas are odourless also.

Things to remember when buying vodka

Here are a few things you should remember when buying vodka; read on!

Always Buy From a Liquour Store

Vodka is a colourless and odourless spirit that can be mixed easily in any liquid. Blending is a common sight in local liquour shops due to the nature of vodka. Hence, it is advisable to say that you should always buy vodka from a reputed liquour store (online or offline) that guarantees quality. Furthermore, you can get attractive discounts when purchasing it from reputed stores.

Check the Ingredients

You need to check the ingredients of vodka before making the buying decision. Vodka is commonly prepared from grains and potatoes. Earlier it was mainly distilled from grains like wheat and rye, but slowly potatoes are widely used now. Apart from these two, vodka is also made from various things with high starch or sugar like grapes, corn, and honey.

Always Select Best Variety

Successive distillation enhances the quality of the drink and increases its purity as solids, acids, esters, and other impurities are filtered and removed. Most high-end vodka brands consider three distillation processes to ensure the highest purity and quality. However, some specific vodka brands also consider a few distillations to retain a particular taste or mouthfeel. Whatever you choose, never compromise with the quality of your vodka.

Get Flavoured Vodka

Vodka manufacturers add flavours during or following the distillation process to enhance the taste of the liquour. These flavouring agents can range from nuts to fruits, candy cane, cocoa, cakes, and other exotic flavours. When buying from a recognised liquour shop, you can request samples to taste them before buying. However, when you buy vodka online, you must go through the label carefully and find all the ingredients.

Check Sugar or Gelatin Label

High-quality vodka does not contain sugar or Gelatin generally. If sugar is added in the distillation process, it is labelled on the bottle. A few use Gelatin, i.e., animal protein, during the distillation process. Vodka that does not use Gelatin is marked as ‘gelatin-free,’ which means it is made up of only vegetables.

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